Press Ham installation complete

Written by kate

My installation is complete!  I have my business cards, ham stickers, and mini accordion book giveaways set and ready.  I’m selling Press Ham zines, hand dyed silk scarves, and pelvis pillows in the shop.

It took a couple of days, but my installation is settled.  I ended up forgoing physical labels on the slices and opted for just keeping the labeling on the actual wall label for the piece.  I might sneak back over on Friday for minor adjustments.  I just need time to let it all mentally digest.  It’s hard for me to process the bigger picture of a whole installation non-objectively because I’m so focused on the details of my work.  It’s such a huge culmination of multiple factors …hard to see the forest and all that.

The rest of the gallery is looking amazing!  I just can’t get enough of everyone’s work!  Anyways, here’s a couple of snapshots of mine.  I need to get in there with a pro camera.

Here’s some great press about the show in The Jersey Journal!