Press Ham info

Written by kate

Here is my artist statement and the title(s) for Press Ham:

corrected full install

Press Ham, 2015

Mixed media

Titles for the 8 slices on the wall in order left to right:

Breathing in the drying room

Negative freshmen fifteen

Teglach with extra honey

Spinach fettuccine day

Pin feathers and pliers

Halloween funeral

Dirty, green tomato juice

Pregnant BLT day


Press Ham is a compact diary of consumption, food and memory mechanically separated and reformed into thick, meaty slices.  A pristinely set meal serves as the stage for a baked derriere-ham, the embodiment of bodily (im)perfection and a cache of beloved and excruciating reminiscence.  The quilted and be-pearled skin is an armor, keeping in the flavor and intensity that exists just below the surface.

The walls are decked with individual slices in remembrance of specific moments wherein body image, gender roles, and family ties coalesced with the consumption of food.  Employing color, texture, and handmade textiles, Eggleston invokes physical manifestations of emotion and experience.  By fleshing out her culinary history, she allows the viewer to compare and contrast with their own experiences.