Long over due

Written by kate

Things have been insanely busy lately… lots to update on.  It’s been this lovely and chaotic perfect storm of art happenings over the last month!

GRAND tiny opened last night.  It was thrilling to see a small crowd of people enjoying the eclectic show.  It was so amazing to work with Yetzenia Leiva and Bryan Faller on this project.  Thank you Bryan, TCNJ, and TrentonWorks for this opportunity!  On a fun note, there were four Hopewell Valley Stampede artists in attendance (myself, Yetzenia, Sara Keeler, and Andrew Wilkinson), which was very cool.  Getting to chit chat with a varied group of artists was lovely.  Great to meet new people!  Here’s a link to the Facebook event page with more photos from the opening.  TrentonWorks Gallery is open M-F 10am-1pm if you have a chance to check it out.

The Wonder Women residency is coming to an end on Sunday, then we’re on our own until the install at Aferro Gallery in Newark (woo!).  The weekly critiques are incredibly fruitful and I’ll definitely miss those meetings, especially since it’s such a talented group of amazing, fun women.  We’ve all been posting on the Wonder Women blog with occasional updates.  I’m still working through my textiles, playing around with my process, and ironing out the kinks.  Here’s my latest WW blog post with some little updates.