Wonder Women 9 = WW9

Written by kate
a sketch of my proposed work for the WW9 exhibition
a sketch of my proposed work for the WW9 exhibition

The first meeting with Wonder Women 9 at Gaia Studio in Jersey City was incredible.  You never know how much you miss and crave sitting around with other (like-minded) artists until you get the chance to enjoy that community again.  It’s utterly thrilling to be in the mix again.  Also, I had an incredibly clear view of NYC on the drive there and back.

My initial critique went well, but I have lots to consider and think about.  My instincts were good on the initial concept, but now’s the time to tweak and make solid decisions to get things rolling.  I started playing with a mock up at home out of leftover fabrics and upholstery foam.  By creating the form and then draping fabric to fit, I was able to get a much better result (much like how you make clothes or create puppets).  On to more work!

As part of our homework, we had to post a hello and intro to ourselves on the Gaia Wonder Women blog.  Keep your eyes peeled on this site to learn about the other 9 amazing artists who are participating.

The Superfood Exhibition will be shown April 11 – May 23, 2015 at Aferro Gallery in Newark, NJ.  Very exciting!