Art All Day

Written by kate

Saturday was a lot of fun!  I shared the great space at TCNJ’s TrentonWorks gallery (and above space) with a bevvy of talented people including photographers CJ Harker and Devon John, pop artist Chris Ernst, mosaic and fiber artists, etc.  One of the most impressive things of the day was watching CJ photograph people with his antique large format camera and process the images on tin plates.  Incredible!  Since I was sharing the same space, it also meant I was unwittingly sucking in fumes for a couple hours… which led to some lightheaded-ness and red cheeks.  Ha!  Thankfully, the weather was lovely and crisp so the fresh air helped greatly. It was worth it to see these amazing prints!

I had my soft sculpture installed on the 3rd floor of TrentonWorks, and I worked on a project in the main gallery on the ground floor.  I grabbed a rocking chair from Goodwill for $7 to work on.  The idea was to sport a mouth theme, so I began by sanding lightly, priming with white house paint, and drawing teeth all over the wooden bits.  The seat and seat back are going to be reupholstered in that red velvety fabric that I used to make one of my pelvis sculptures, which will be the tongue.  I’ll post my progress.  Hopefully, it will find a good home after I’m finished.  Any takers?

There was also a fun reception and group show over at the main Artworks galleries, along with music and drip paintings by ARC Mercer.  My drawing on wood Stubble is there until the end of November.  Go check out the amazing art!

All around, it was a great day.  Didn’t sell anything, but meeting and chatting with artists and activists made it a very special day.  Thank you Artworks!

A late addition:  TrentonWorks Gallery was hosting works by Ojore Lutalo.  His collages were made during his 22 years in solitary confinement.  Haunting, informative, and beautiful work.  He was a very intense man to meet, but also a gentleman.  Please take a look at his work.