London and Back

Written by kate

I’m back, baby!  England was incredible, especially since I was there during Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.  London is a great place to visit, but the time spent in the Yorkshire dales was magical.  Sheep, fields of rapeseed, and stone walls across rolling hills make for spectacular scenery.  More on England in a future post.

The day after I returned from England, I started the Summer Sculpture/Painting Intensive Program at Tyler School (Temple University) in Philadelphia.  For seven glorious weeks I get my own studio space, 24/7 access to amazing facilities, and the chance to work with talented artists.  Pinch me, I must be dreaming!  My professor at Drew, Raymond (Stein) Saa, recommended this program and I’m glad that I listened.  The director Wallace Whitney, along with two other artists/professors (who I will introduce in a future post), started the SSPI program three years ago.  Wallace admitted me to the program because he enjoyed my sense of humor with the poultry, as well as the way I handle fabric in an abstract manner.  It’s a little intimidating to live up to such compliments, but I plan on kicking some booty!  During the first week of the program, I concentrated on researching subject matter, checking out other artists’ work, and sketching like a mad woman.  On the side, I also started rust dyeing some more fabric (see photo).  First one turned out pretty nice – time to pick up production!

This past weekend marked the Art All Night group show in Trenton.  My Pearls and lace turkey was on display in all her glory perched upon a white wicker chair.  It was free to display work, with the added bonus of a selling opportunity (if you donated a portion of the proceeds to the organization).  Unfortunately, she didn’t sell but there were a lot of smiles and compliments thrown my way.  Hey, it’s a start!  I’ll definitely submit work for next time, keeping marketability in mind.

It’s good to be home and making art!