Written by kate

I went gallery hopping in NYC with the  Tyler crew last Friday in the Lower East Side and Chelsea.  The shows we saw were hit or miss for me since they consisted mostly of ultra post-modern abstract work.  It’s really akin to my political tastes.  I consider myself a Democrat, and liberal on certain issues, but I hit my limit when left-wingers go off the deep end (they can be as nuts as any right-winger).

I did enjoy a couple of the shows, the most of which was a solo show by painter and fiber artist Jess Fuller.  The show Jellie is her first solo, which is at the Martos Gallery in Chelsea.  Not only does she work with hand-dyed fabrics, but she also gave a little informal talk for about an hour with a Q&A at the end.  I felt like I hit the jackpot!  She was very friendly and helpful, which made the whole experience very inspirational.

One of the highlights from the Jess Fuller experience involved taking a little freebie scrap of canvas she dyed.  For her opening, she stacked left over fabric squares in the gallery for people to take with them.  I picked a couple and she signed my favorite one, which will definitely make it’s way into a frame soon.