Pain in the Butt

Written by kate

This adorable cat is Lucky.  Lucky is very lucky that I didn’t drop kick his little, fuzzy tush into next Tuesday.  At 5:30am this morning, he decided that repeatedly pouncing on my behind, with flashing claws and gnashing teeth, was the best game ever invented.  Not only was he undeterred by my verbal warnings (I hiss and he usually backs off), but my scolding spurred him on.  Not a fabulous way to start the day.

It’s those ridiculous moments in life that feed an artists imagination (and funny bone).  I can just imagine my early morning beat down as a topic in one of my favorite cartoonist’s comics.  Kate Beaton, of Hark! A Vagrant, is absolutely fantastic.  She creates comics that are inspired by historical figures, literature, popular culture, and her own life.  I highly recommend starting at the beginning of her comics on the website and reading all the way through to the current ones.  Her loose, fluid style of drawing is the perfect texture to her laid back sense of humor, all of which very much reminds me of Quentin Blake (the illustrator for Roald Dahl’s books which I was obsessed with as a kid).