Angels Among Us

Written by kate

This painted tin tranny angel hangs by my bed.  He was made in Mexico, but I found him at the Rockcliffe Pottery and Craft Shop in Nipissing, Ontario a couple years ago.  They make the most amazing pottery at this place.  I stay in Port Loring, not far from Nipissing, for about a month every summer.  We usually take an afternoon trip out to Rockcliffe once a summer to browse the pottery and have lunch at their little cafe.

Back to my little cross dresser.  Isn’t he charming?  He’s pretty butch to be a drag queen though – look at that five o’clock shadow, mustache, and chest hair!  The mirror and reflection are a sweet touch.  Not sure about his blue socks and slippers combination.

Drag queens/female impersonators are certainly artists in their own right, besides being performers.  The costuming and makeup alone ooze creativity and craft.  I’m a big fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Drag U (both of which you can watch for free online).  Two of my favorite drag queens from these series are Pandora Boxx and Raja.  Experts in their craft, they are beautiful and extremely entertaining to watch.

I wish I knew who made my little angel.  I feel like he watches over me as I sleep and inspires my dreams – red, pursed lips and all.