On a roll

Written by kate

I’m trying to ride the current wave of self-assurance to artistic victory this week.  I submitted my Burberry turkey to be a part of Trenton’s Art All Night extravaganza.  Even if my work isn’t chosen, I’m still going.  It looks like a blast!

I also signed up to do The Sketchbook Project for 2013.  I really like the idea of it, so heck why not!  I just have to make sure that I spend the time working on it and don’t forget.  It’s due by January, which isn’t a tremendous amount of time to fill 32 pages plus the cover.

With all of these projects, plus Tyler School of Art (Temple U) Summer Intensive for Sculpture, I’m going to be a very busy lady this summer.  Looking forward to it!

Photo: That’s a little something I whipped up at one of my favorite diners.  Enjoy the majesty!