Written by kate

So it begins! The first of many (I hope) projects for the summer.

A fantastic artsy fartsy friend of mine, Danielle, got her creative little paws on two butterfly chair frames for me.  One of my classmates at Drew U suggested last semester that I make my huge, red pelvis into a butterfly chair.  Being snuggled up in a fluffy, velvety, over-sized pelvis brings all sorts of lovely metaphors to mind!  I shared the idea with Danielle (the first time we met, actually), and then she surprised me with these wonderful chair frames. With the big, red pelvis sold (bye Puffy!), it seems fitting to replace it with something bigger, better, and functional.  A huuuuge thank you to Danielle for her keen ears and artsy spirit!

Speaking of Danielle, do visit her portfolio site!  She is an amazing sculptress.  My favorite is the deer head covered in marbles – it’s fantastic.  Gotta respect mounting a piece that weighs a metric ton on a wall!