Artist Statement

Kate Eggleston is a mixed media artist, with a focus on hand dyed textiles and soft sculpture. Her work serves as a catalog of her experiences as a mother, exploring gender roles, and balancing home life and art making.  When she isn’t sculpting 3-D pieces with her hand dyed fibers, she mounts the scraps to canvas and embroiders them using boro and sashiko (Japanese) stitching techniques. Beyond her studio practice, Eggleston has over 13 years of experience teaching artists of all ages.

Eggleston’s fiber work is highly process oriented. The repetition of dyeing of fabric, designing templates, and creating 3-D forms becomes meditative. The time she spends at the sewing machine or elbow-deep in a vat of dye doubles as self reflection. Eggleston uses shibori methods (a series of Japanese resist dye techniques) to create unique patterns by binding, wrapping, and stitching fabric prior to dyeing. She revels in the invigorating extra sensory connection to her work as she manipulates the fibers. These soft sculptures are otherworldly, yet organically familiar. The combination of biomorphic abstractions and comforting, rich hues of indigo dye imbue the work with vitality. They are collections of pliable curves and gentle planes merging into and branching off from one another. By blending traditional women’s work with large-scale soft sculpture, Eggleston’s work breeds interconnectivity between the present and the future.


Kate Eggleston is a mixed media fiber artist with a focus on hand dyed textiles and soft sculpture. She has over 13 years of experience teaching artists of all ages dyeing techniques and art fundamentals. Eggleston received her BA in Visual Art from Ramapo College in 2005. She attended artist residencies at _gaia studio (Wonder Women 9: Superfood) in 2015 and the Tyler School of Art at Temple University (Summer Sculpture Intensive) in 2012. She was awarded 3rd Place for her Indigo Sukkah installation (Sukkahwood) and 1st Place for Textiles (Highland Park Arts in the Park) in 2017. Eggleston was a Student Mini Grant Recipient of the Andrew W. Mellon Arts and the Common Good Grant from Drew University in 2014. Eggleston’s latest solo show Stand Still, Dive Deep, a sculptural exploration of hand dyed indigo shibori textiles, was exhibited in the ArtLab at Artworks Trenton in May 2018.  She lives in New Jersey where she exhibits her work, teaches art, and lives with her husband and daughter.

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