The Stampede is over…what next?

Written by kate

The final Stampede celebration was great!  There was a great turn out and the weather was lovely.  It was nice to meet more of the Stampede artists too.  HVAC, with a photographer, created and printed picture books of the Stampede oxen.  It’s really lovely!  I got a little acrylic trophy for Babe’s Honorable Mention award, plus a little bit of prize money.  I got a few compliments from people about Babe, which is always nice.  Overall, it was a really nice afternoon spent among like-minded, artsy folks.  The next step for Babe is to be sold at live auction at the Gala in January at Grounds for Sculpture.  The dress is “creative black tie” (which I Googled of course), so the plan is to either make a shibori dress from scratch or get a dress I can dye.  Either way, I think that’s creative!  It would be fun to match Babe too!

So… what’s next?  Well, I wrote up a grant proposal and another proposal to paint a traffic box last week (whew, my brain was panting after that marathon!).  The next event I’m participating in is Art All Day in Trenton, NJ.  It’s an open studio tour, that culminates in an art show at Trenton Artworks.  Since I don’t have a studio, I will be showing with seven other artists in a great space call Trenton Works (not to be confused with the power and utility company).  It’s a gallery space funded by a TCNJ grant.  The idea is to show our work (TONS of space), and also demonstrate something to the public at the same time.  I’m planning on show fiber and sculptural work, so I’m going to have an interactive piece to work on.  I want to get a large piece of covered furniture (ie armchair, etc), map out a drawing on it, and have people help me embroider and otherwise sew the design onto it.  I thought it might be fun to involve people in what I’m doing directly.  Fingers crossed it goes over well!