Art All Day

Written by kate

AADJpgI signed up for Art All Day, an Artworks Trenton annual event, and got in this year.  Woo hoo!  It’s a day of open studio tours in Trenton.  Since I lack a studio space, the event planners will coordinate with pop-up galleries in the area to pair me up with a space.  Pretty amazing!  The idea is to have work on display and also be actively creating as people visit (so they can see your process); plus, there is an exhibit and reception at the end of the day including one piece from each artist.  There is the option to include the audience in what you’re creating at your display.  I’m going to display some textiles and soft sculpture items, possibly some drawings too, then have an audience participation project.  I’m thinking that I will have an object that people can embroider, sew, and/or add embellishments to in some way (ie a covered chair, table cloth, etc) which could then be raffled off OR I could donate it to Artworks (they have studio space and a nice comfy chair might be a nice addition).  It would be amazing to have a piece that everyone who walks by, regardless of age or skill set, could contribute to.  Anyways, SAVE THE DATE!