Arts in the Park rundown

Written by kate
my booth
My booth!

The Arts in the Park in Highland Park, NJ went really well.  I was lucky enough to have good friends (and their kids) in nearby booths, which really made the event more fun than it already was.  I sold a bunch of items, including two small turkeys!  My big Pearls and Lace gal got a lot of compliments, giggles, and pokes (always a plus!).  My friend Christy, who won 2nd Place for Mixed Media, suggested I try raffling off an item next time to draw in more business.  I really like that idea and might give it a try.  So here’s a rundown on my experience:


  • Spiffy glass jars with candy out for people to grab
  • Big turkey front and center made a nice impression
  • My new tent worked great – was able to open and close by myself
  • My display in general worked out well – especially loved the suitcase for my bunnies
  • Bunnies went over well – maybe thing of making more primitive toys/stuffed animals
  • Sold two small turkeys and had requests for two more
  • Prices seemed on the mark
  • The utility apron I made was great!
  • Labels and tags worked well


  • Only sold 3 baby blankets – need to come up with a new angle for those as a blanket in general is good for many things
  • Need to create some sort of online shop via my website – avoiding etsy and unfortunately Square is too simplified (only one image for each item)
  • Need more ways/products to display more complex dye techniques
  • Try for next time: notebook covers with blank journals inside; crayon/pencil roll ups
  • Make quilts in different color schemes with similar techniques – don’t bother with poly, just do fleece backing
  • Make baby clothes in varied colors and sizes – IF I feel like going this route since it requires a lot of stock
  • Make bunting for the tent for next time
  • Next time get a third card table or other surface to make a U shape in the tent and set all things farther back to entice customers to come in, which will also allow me to use the supports to hang merchandise
  • Need stoppers to put on supports to separate hanging pieces
  • Bring dog cookies for next time!
  • Maybe raffle off a piece for 25-50 cents a ticket

Overall, it was a good experience doing this fair.  I will definitely do it again next year.

Coolest purse ever!
Always a good time to be Link
Stupid Lowe’s chair collapsed into pieces within an hour of being there.