Kate Eggleston


ham stickers!  too bad their not scratch-n-sniff

WW9: Takeaways and such

Takeaways are usually fun little freebies you can collect at gallery openings, anything from business cards to stickers.  The _gaia studios crew is very pro takeaway which means lots of extra little details to plan (I love it!).  It’s necessary to strike a nice balance between creation time, fun, and expense since freebies are FREE and time is money. I… Read more →

bob ross

WW9: SUPERFOOD is coming!

Here’s all the info from Gallery Aferro on the show.  So excited! Superfood April 11th – May 23rd, 2015 Opening Reception April 11th, 7 – 10pm Curated by Doris Cacoilo and Meredith Goncalves Gallery Aferro, Main Gallery _gaia is a collective of women artists and activists creating art, events and opportunities in the visual and media arts, performance and design. Its… Read more →