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please be in touch. You can reach me at kate.eggleston at yahoo.com. I'm available for commissions, exhibitions, collaborations, art education gigs, and monkeyshines.

Babe the Blue Ushi

The Hopewell Valley Stampede is here!  My ox, Babe the Blue Ushi, will be on display in Pennington, NJ from August 15 – October 19, 2014.  Check out the website to see the exact coordinates of my ox.  I have also added a page on my website dedicated to Babe for more information about the project.  It’s all very exciting!  If… Read more →

Busy weekend

Not only did I have a piece in the Art All Night event in Trenton, but I ran a booth at the Giralda Music and Arts Festival in Morristown.  Plus, the ox for the Stampede is now in my living room.  Busy busy busy! Festival recap:  sold a couple of hand dyed shibori silk scarves and onesies.  Definitely need to… Read more →

Website Redesign & More Work to Come

I’m thrilled to announce (and show you) my brand new website!  Isn’t it lovely?  THANK YOU WordPress for taking the guess work out of web design and one heckuva product. In other news, I will be selling hand-dyed silk scarves at the Steampunk World’s Fair in Piscataway, NJ this weekend.  You can find my scarves for sale at my friends’ booth, Caruso… Read more →

Sailor Moon reanimated!

The Sailor Moon animated series is getting rebooted some time soon (next couple of years?).  I’m really excited because it’s one of my all time favorite cartoons. In related news, a group of fans is reanimating a whole episode of Sailor Moon, each fan taking a small chunk of the episode.  The result is going to be an amazing mash… Read more →